Dayco Australia Pty. Ltd

Dayco is a global leader in the research, design, manufacturing and distribution of essential engine products, drive systems and services for automobiles, trucks, construction, agriculture and industry.

Dayco’s contributions are integral to how people get from place to place, goods are transported, food is harvested, and infrastructure is built. The company operates according to long-held values — keeping promises, delivering on time all the time, and an intense commitment to service no matter what the obstacles. For more than a century, Dayco has overcome challenges, emerging stronger and smarter at every turn.

Dayco improves how the world moves by creating products, systems and relationships that endure.

Move Forward. Always.

Dayco has more than 50 locations in 18 countries and over 4,500 associates

Dayco Australia is a proud supporter of the Ronald McDonald House Charities

Childhood illness can have a devastating effect on families. As well as all the fear and uncertainty, there are the practicalities of managing the family when a child is away in hospital, often for extended periods of time. At Ronald McDonald House Charities® (RMHC®), they have been making life easier for seriously ill children and their families in Australia since 1981.

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Dayco Australia Pty. Ltd.

    Management System Policy Statement

Dayco Australia Pty Ltd as part of Dayco Products LLC is an industry leader in the research, design, manufacturing, and distribution of a broad range of belts, tensioners, pulleys and other products for the automotive, trucking, construction and industrial markets. 

To sustain our market position, Dayco has implemented a management system that is aimed at continuously improving the quality of our products and processes, preventing pollution from our operations and products and protecting the health and safety of those involved in our operations and the use of our products.

Our management system complies with the relevant international Standards and with legal and other requirements pertinent to our industry and our local community. The principal elements of our management system provide for:

  • setting objectives for quality, environmental performance and health and safety,

  • a commitment by all team members to achieve these objectives,

  • training for our people to understand their role at Dayco and how they contribute to quality, safety and environmental performance,

  • fostering a consultative work environment; conducive to employee involvement and empowerment through teamwork,

  • understanding and managing risks to health, safety and the environment,

  • identifying and reducing waste and preventing problems from being repeated,

  • open communication with customers that use our products and others that may be affected by our operations,

  • audit and management review programs to confirm the ongoing compliance of our management system to the nominated Standards, to continuously improve its effectiveness and ensure its alignment with our business aims.

    Our leadership team is committed to supplying the resources to maintain and improve our management system and to provide direction and support for our employees to actively participate and contribute to the success of our business.

    This Policy is a statement of our intent and a reference for all persons that are involved or affected by our business. It is freely available to all interested parties.


Dayco Precision Holdings Pty. Ltd.

Quality Policy Statement

Dayco Precision Holdings Pty. Ltd is a supplier of world-class automotive products, primarily under the Dayco brand name. Dayco product line-up includes OE systems, sub-systems and components in the areas of power transmission and fluid transfer, drive belts, timing belts, tensioners, pulleys, harmonic balancers, all types of automotive hose and other cooling system components.  The Dayco team is dedicated to the ongoing maintenance of our management systems throughout the company and in concert with our suppliers, customers and appointed distributors. The management systems require commitment to providing products and services that consistently meet our customers’ quality and environmental needs and expectations and to continuously improve in all that we do.

Environmental Policy

Dayco Precision Holdings Pty Ltd, located in Wagga Wagga, NSW (“Dayco Wagga”) specialises in Manufacture of Harmonic Balancers & Engine Pulleys. Dayco Wagga recognises our responsibility as a corporate citizen to sustain and protect the environment. It is a primary and fundamental objective and will be regarded as such by all persons employed by Dayco Wagga or Dayco Wagga representatives.

To meet our responsibilities in relation to our activities, products and services, Dayco Wagga is committed to:

  • Minimising our impact on the environment by reducing waste, minimising the consumption of resources and wherever practicable reducing the generation of harmful emissions.
  • Complying with applicable compliance obligations to which the Dayco Wagga subscribes relating environmental aspects.
  • Educating, training and motivating employees to carry out tasks in an environmentally responsible manner and,
  • Encouraging environmental protection amongst our suppliers and subcontractors.

Dayco Wagga is committed to continual improvement of environmental management to enhance our environmental performance. This Environmental Policy will be regularly reviewed, updated and communicated to all staff, contractors and suppliers, and is available for public reference.


 Occupational Health & Safety Policy

Dayco Precision Holdings Pty Ltd, located in Wagga Wagga, NSW specialises in the Manufacture of Harmonic Balancers & Engine Pulleys. As an industry leader, we have adopted the concept of quality products and services while remaining safety conscious.

Dayco is committed to protecting the health and safety of its employees, customers and the community.

To minimize any hazards and risks concerning our activities, products and services, we shall:

  • Comply with applicable legal requirements and other requirements to which Dayco subscribes which relate to its hazards and risks.
  • Prevent injury and ill health, reduce hazards and risks, and minimize the likelihood of any health and safety incidents related to Dayco’s activities and products.
  • Educate, train and motivate employees to carry out tasks in a safe and responsible manner.
  • Encourage safe work practices among suppliers and subcontractors.
  • Maintain an on-going and systematic review process to identify potential hazards and risks, establish and carry out control programs and projects, and continually improve health and safety performance.

Dayco is committed to continual improvement of health and safety performance. This Policy will be communicated to all staff, contractors and suppliers, and be available to the public.