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Radiator Hose - Straight EPDM

Dayco General Purpose Straight Hose is made from reinforced EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) M-class rubber.
Burst pressure range 0.62 to 1.03 MPa. (60psi to 150psi)
Not suitable for Fuel, Oil or Brake Fluid.

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Part numberDescription
DHW19Straight hose - Water
DHW22Straight hose - Water
DHW25Straight hose - Water
DHW28Straight hose - Water
DHW32Straight hose - Water
DHW35Straight hose - Water
DHW38Straight hose - Water
DHW41Straight hose - Water
DHW44Straight hose - Water
DHW48Straight hose - Water
DHW51Straight hose - Water
DHW54Straight hose - Water
DHW57Straight hose - Water
DHW63Straight hose - Water
DHW6X1Straight hose - Water
DHW6X2Straight hose - Water
DHW6X3Straight hose - Water
DHW9.5X2Straight hose - Water