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Airline Chemair

Chem-Air combines the features and benefits of the Blue airline hose with a chemical resistant tube. Chem-Air exceeds the flexibility of standard airline hoses and retains excellent kink resistance, with the addition of a chemical resistant virgin PVC tube.
The combined features of Chem-Air will provide benefits to the stockist and user alike. With the potential for reduced inventory and multiple use, it is ideally suited to many industrial and agricultural applications.

High tensile synthetic reinforcing
Soft black chemical resistant virgin PVC tube
Soft blue virgin PVC cover
Excellent flexibility even at cold temperatures
Excellent kink resistance
UV stabilised
Meets AS/NZS2554 class B specification
Highly visible blue cover
Suitable for air/water applications
Working Pressure : 1.6 MPa / 232 psi

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Part numberInside DiameterLengthPack
CAC010-02010mm20mShrink Wrapped Roll
CAC012-2012mm20mShrink Wrapped Roll