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Heater Tap Control Valve

New from Dayco – Heater Control Valves

The purpose of the Heater Control Valve is to regulate the flow of coolant to the heater core. In the off position the heater valve blocks coolant flow to the heater core hence when no heating is required and the reverse when heating inside the vehicle is needed. The heater valve can be activated by vacuum control in late model vehicles and cable in earlier models. Common failures include leakage, blocking and because most late model valves are made of polymer, cracking when removing heater hoses is common. Dayco have released a quality aftermarket program targeted at local and imported vehicles.

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Part numberDescriptionTypeOutside Diameter
DHV0001Heater Tap4 port16mm
DHV2007Heater Tap3 port19mm
DHV3020Heater Tap2 port17mm
DHV4008Heater TapUniversal 2 port cable operated16mm
DHV5104Heater Tap3 port16mm
DHV5105Heater Tap2 port16mm
DHV5202Heater Tap2 port16mm
DHV5213Heater Tap2 port19mm
DHV5217Heater Tap2 port16mm
DHV5218Heater Tap2 port16mm
DHV5631Heater Tap4 port bypass16mm
DHV60130Heater Tap2 port17mm
DHV6315Heater Tap4 port bypass16mm