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Thermostat gaskets

Dayco thermostat and housing gaskets provide the installer the complete solution when replacing a thermostat. Available in rubber O rings for thermostats and in heavy duty paper for thermostat housing applications. The Dayco range covers most vehicle applications.

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Part numberDescription
DTG10Gasket (Paper Type)
DTG11Gasket (Rubber Type)
DTG12Gasket (Rubber Type)
DTG13Gasket (Paper Type)
DTG14Gasket (Paper Type)
DTG15Gasket (Paper Type)
DTG16Gasket (Paper Type)
DTG17Gasket (Paper Type)
DTG18Gasket (Paper Type)
DTG19Gasket (Paper Type)
DTG1UGasket (Paper Type)
DTG20UGasket (Paper Type)
DTG21Gasket (Paper Type)
DTG22Gasket (Rubber Type)
DTG23Gasket (Paper Type)
DTG24Gasket (Paper Type)
DTG25Gasket (Paper Type)
DTG26Gasket (Rubber Type)
DTG27Gasket (Rubber Type)
DTG28Gasket (Rubber Type)
DTG29UGasket (Paper Type)
DTG2UGasket (Paper Type)
DTG3Gasket (Paper Type)
DTG30Gasket (Rubber Type)
DTG31Gasket (Rubber Type)
DTG32Gasket (Paper Type)
DTG33Gasket (Rubber Type)
DTG34Gasket (Rubber Type)
DTG35Gasket (Rubber Type)
DTG36Gasket (Paper Type)
DTG37Gasket (Paper Type)
DTG38Gasket (Paper Type)
DTG39Gasket (Paper Type)
DTG4Gasket (Paper Type)
DTG40Gasket (Paper Type)
DTG41Gasket (Paper Type)
DTG42Gasket (Paper Type)
DTG43Gasket (Paper Type)
DTG44Gasket (Paper Type)
DTG45Gasket (Rubber Type)
DTG46Gasket (Paper Type)
DTG47Gasket (Rubber Type)
DTG49Gasket (Rubber Type)
DTG5Gasket (Paper Type)
DTG50Gasket (Paper Type)
DTG51Gasket (Rubber Type)
DTG55Gasket (Paper Type)
DTG56Gasket (Paper Type)
DTG58Gasket (Paper Type)
DTG59Gasket (Rubber Type)