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Automatic Belt Tensioners

Dayco® No Slack™ Automatic Belt Tensioner

Designed to maintain constant tension on serpentine belt drives
Serpentine belt drives consist of a single belt that powers most, if not all, of the engine’s accessories.To maintain the proper tension throughout the drive, an automatic, spring-loaded tensioner is incorporated into the drive system geometry. Dayco’s Automatic Belt Tensioner features a patented “flat spring” design that’s engineered to provide less operating range variations in tension. This reduces the risk of premature accessory bearing failure due to high tension when a new belt is installed. It also lessens the risk of belt squeal and slippage, or poor accessory performance caused by low tension after the belt begins to stretch and wear. A Teflon® strip wound within the spring resists abrasion. The flat spring itself is coated to resist rust.

Other superior design features include a steel locator pin (where the application demands). A heavy-duty cast aluminum spring case resists cracking and fatigue. The heavy-duty cast aluminum arm offers additional strength and less distortion . An aluminum retainer ring locks the spring case and arm together, and seals against corrosion.A steel pivot tube (where the application demands) provides additional strength for critical torque requirements. A thermoplastic rubber “spring slot plug” keeps out harmful contaminants. The lubricated nylon “pivot tube bushing” and “spring bushing” promote quieter performance.A rubber “O” ring seals against dust and grime.The zinc coated mounting bolt resists rust, and is concentric for a more even degree of constant tension. In order to meet OEM performance standards, Dayco Automatic Tensioners come with either a glass-filled polymer (plastic) or steel pulley, that features a dust cover to protect against contaminants.

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Part numberDescription
132001Automatic belt tensioner
132002Automatic belt tensioner
132003Automatic belt tensioner
132004Automatic belt tensioner
132006Automatic belt tensioner
132007Automatic belt tensioner
132008Automatic belt tensioner
132009Automatic belt tensioner
132010Automatic belt tensioner
132011Automatic belt tensioner
132012Automatic belt tensioner
132013Automatic belt tensioner
132014Automatic belt tensioner
132015Automatic belt tensioner
132016Automatic belt tensioner
132017Automatic belt tensioner
132018Automatic belt tensioner
132019Automatic belt tensioner
132020Automatic belt tensioner
132021Automatic belt tensioner
132022Automatic belt tensioner
132023Automatic belt tensioner
132024Automatic belt tensioner
132025Automatic belt tensioner
132026Automatic belt tensioner
132027Automatic belt tensioner
132028Automatic belt tensioner
132029Automatic belt tensioner
132030Automatic belt tensioner
132031Automatic belt tensioner
132032Automatic belt tensioner
132033Automatic belt tensioner
132034Automatic Belt Tensioner
132035Hydraulic Belt Tensioner
132036Hydraulic Belt Tensioner
132037Automatic Belt Tensioner
132038Automatic Belt Tensioner
132039Automatic Belt Tensioner
132040Automatic Belt Tensioner
132041Automatic Belt Tensioner
138210Automatic belt tensioner (includes water seals)
138265Automatic belt tensioner
89201Automatic belt tensioner
89202Automatic belt tensioner
89203Automatic belt tensioner
89204Automatic belt tensioner
89205Automatic belt tensioner
89206Automatic belt tensioner
89207Automatic belt tensioner
89208Automatic belt tensioner