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Coolant Overflow Tank

The overflow tank is used to recover the coolant that escapes the cooling system past the pressure cap due to rising pressure and temperature, in a properly operating cooling system, the coolant will then be siphoned back into the radiator as the temperature drops.

Tanks will often become discoloured, brittle, contaminated with sludge or even break requiring immediate replacement for the cooling system to continue effective operation.

DAYCO Overflow Tanks are made to OE specifications and make/model specific.

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Part numberDescription
DOT0005Overflow Tank
DOT0006Overflow Tank
DOT0007Overflow Tank
DOT0008Overflow Tank (with sensor)
DOT0011Overflow Tank
DOT0012Overflow Tank
DOT0023Overflow Tank
DOT0025Overflow Tank
DOT0026Overflow Tank
DOT0027Overflow Tank
DOT0028Overflow Tank
DOT0029Overflow Tank
DOT0036Overflow Tank
DOT0048Overflow Tank
DOT0049Overflow Tank
DOT0050Overflow Tank
DOT0052Overflow Tank
DOT0053Overflow Tank
DOT0054Overflow Tank
DOT0055Overflow Tank
DOT0056Overflow Tank
DOT0057Overflow Tank
DOTUNI0Overflow Tank Kit Universal