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Elastica Drive Belt Fitment Tools

The Innovative New Elastic Belt Fitting Tool

Dayco, in line with their aim of providing advanced technical solutions to their customers have developed a new universal fitment tool to always guarantee the customer a perfect installation of the Dayco stretch fitment belts.

Normally all stretch fit belts require installation using the appropriate installation tool, but this tool will enable the fitment of any Dayco stretch fitment belt.

It comes packed in a sturdy case & includes installation instructions. Three Bolts of varying lengths made to fit a variety of different diameter pulleys will be included in the case. The bolts will be used to secure the tool to the pulley during the belt installation.

Download the Elastica Belt Fitment Tool Installation Instructions

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Part numberDescription
93878Elastica Belt Fitment Tool Installation tool for fitment of Subaru A/C Elastica belt. The 2008-10 Subaru with an 2.5L engine utilize a StretchFit belt technology on the A/C compressor drive. Special tool 93878 is required to avoid belt damage during installation. Instructions included.
93879Elastica Belt Fitment Tool
TOOL 6Elastica Belt Fitment Tool Installation tool for fitment of Elastica belts . Comes in two different sizes and mounting hardware.