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OAP Removal and Installation Tools

DAYCO® OAP and OAD Tool Kit

Overrunning alternator pulleys (OAP) and overrunning alternator decoupler pulleys (OAD) should only be removed from the alternator using the proper tools.

The Dayco OAP and OAD Tool Kit contains all of the tools needed to remove and fit a new OAP or OAD. Made from the highest quality materials, our tool kit can be used with hand ratchets or impact guns. This 13-piece kit features interchangeable components to work on almost all vehicles and comes in a handy molded carrying case.

Kit Includes:
•Removal and Installation Instructions
•OAP/OAD Connectors in 33T Spline and 17mm Hex
•Alternator Shaft Connectors in T40, T50, M8, M10, 8 Hex and 10 Hex

Note: OAPs and OADs are application-specific replacement parts, and if a vehicle requires an OAP or an OAD, the same category of pulley must be installed. Proper tools must be used to remove and install OAPs and OADs.

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Part numberDescription
OAPT17OAP Installation Tool 17mm Hex
OAPT33OAP Installation Tool 33T Spline
OAPTK00113 pce OAP Installation Tool Kit
OAPTK00222 pce OAP Installation Tool Kit
OAPTK0032 pce Rattle Gun Removal/ Installation Tool Pack (Contains OAPT17 & OAPT33)