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Drive Belts Polyrib Elastica

The Elastica (ELA) or “Stretch” belts are specifically designed for 2 to 4 point drives that do not require tensioning. Although these belts may look like standard poly rib belts, they are very different. These specially designed belts have self-tensioning capabilities required by specific OE drives designed for a “stretch” belt. Vehicles that are manufactured with “Stretch” belts MUST be replaced with “Stretch” belts. These belts are NOT interchangeable with standard constructed belts of their same size.
Dayco ELA belts utilize a proprietary EPDM construction that is designed to elongate over the fixed pulley system, and then maintain the required belt tension over the life of the belt. The backbone behind the Dayco ELA belt is its specially developed polyamide tensile member, which allows for high elongation required for installation, yet provides the proper tension maintenance properties to transmit the accessory loads demanded for the drive. This belt construction incorporates a wear resistant EPDM rib material, along with a highly elastic EPDM cushion rubber that surrounds the polyamide tensile cord, thus providing the required adhesion and flexibility to maintain lasting performance.

“Stretch” belts have unique installation instructions depending on the OE application. Installation may require a specialized tool for the application or a simple zip tie. DO NOT attempt to install by prying the belt on the pulleys. Dayco provides detailed instructions on the reverse side of the sleeve.

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Part numberDescription
3PK0977EEPolyrib belt Elastica
3PKE495Polyrib belt Elastica
3PKE635Polyrib belt Elastica
3PKE752Polyrib belt Elastica
3PKE775Polyrib belt Elastica
3PKE795Polyrib belt Elastica
3PKE847Polyrib belt Elastica
3PKE885Polyrib belt Elastica
4PK0830EEPolyrib belt Elastica
4PK0903EEPolyrib belt Elastica
4PK0912EEPolyrib belt Elastica
4PK0922EEPolyrib belt Elastica
4PK0924EEPolyrib belt Elastica
4PK0970EEPolyrib belt Elastica
4PK1041EEPolyrib belt Elastica
4PK1102EEPolyrib belt Elastica
4PKE605Polyrib belt Elastica
4PKE625Polyrib belt Elastica
4PKE665Polyrib belt Elastica
4PKE737Polyrib belt Elastica
4PKE767Polyrib belt Elastica
4PKE784Polyrib belt Elastica
4PKE794Polyrib belt Elastica
4PKE808Polyrib belt Elastica
4PKE814Polyrib belt Elastica
4PKE829Polyrib belt Elastica
4PKE833Polyrib belt Elastica
4PKE846Polyrib belt Elastica
4PKE888Polyrib belt Elastica
4PKE903Polyrib belt Elastica
4PKE907Polyrib belt Elastica
4PKE912Polyrib belt Elastica
4PKE918Polyrib belt Elastica
4PKE944Polyrib belt Elastica
5PK0628EEPolyrib belt Elastica
5PK0690EEPolyrib belt Elastica
5PK0694EEPolyrib belt Elastica
5PK0705EEPolyrib belt Elastica
5PK0716EEPolyrib belt Elastica
5PK0778EEPolyrib belt Elastica
5PKE673Polyrib belt Elastica
6PK0691EEPolyrib belt Elastica
6PK0780EEPolyrib belt Elastica
6PK1019EEPolyrib belt Elastica
6PK1059EEPolyrib belt Elastica
6PK1090EEPolyrib belt Elastica
6PKE1002Polyrib belt Elastica
6PKE1125Polyrib belt Elastica
6PKE715Polyrib belt Elastica
6PKE850Polyrib belt Elastica