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Vehicle Hose Packs

Dayco's extensive range of Vehicle Hose Packs covers most common vehicles

Replace One, Replace All - Dayco encourages the replacement of all major hoses within the cooling system.

Designed to replace original equipment manufacturer hose, Dayco Moulded Radiator, Heater and Bypass Hose are built with knitted reinforcement and EPDM construction which provides high strength and resistance to oil, mud, salt, road debris, ozone, coolants, and temperature variations that are required for OEM hose replacements.

In addition to meeting SAE J20R4,Class D-1 requirements, these hoses are now designed to meet Type EC electro- chemical requirements as specified in SAE J1684. This hose will withstand temperatures from -40°C to +100°C (-40°F to 212°F).

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Part numberDescription
DHP1Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP10Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP11Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP12Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP13Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP14Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP15Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP16Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP17Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP18Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP2Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP20Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP201Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP202Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP203Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP204Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP205Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP206Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP209Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP21Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP210Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP211Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP212Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP213Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP214Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP215Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP216Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP217Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP218Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP219Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP22Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP220Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP221Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP222Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP223Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP224Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP225Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP226Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP227Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP228Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP229Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP230Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP231Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP232Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP233Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP234Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP235Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP236Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP237Vehicle Hose Pack
DHP25Vehicle Hose Pack