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Timing Belt Kits

Why replace the timing belt alone? Worn or wearing tensioners, pulleys and idlers can cause a new timing belt to fail in a very short time. A timing belt failure can result in costly engine damage. Dayco® Timing Belts, when replaced in conjunction with the tensioner, idler Pulley and oil seals, restore the optimum operating conditions for the timing drive system.

All Dayco timing kit components meet or exceed OEM specifications.

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Part numberDescription
KBIO07Kit Cam
KBIO08Kit Cam
KTB102EKit Cam
KTB113EKit Cam
KTB114EKit Cam
KTB115EKit Cam
KTB120EKit Cam
KTB133EKit Cam
KTB151EKit Cam
KTB153EKit Cam
KTB165EKit Cam
KTB178EKit Cam
KTB185EKit Cam
KTB189EKit Cam
KTB197EKit Cam
KTB217EKit Cam
KTB253EKit Cam (use KTBA280)
KTB256EKit Cam
KTB265EKit Cam
KTB285EKit Cam
KTB286EKit Cam
KTB288EKit Cam
KTB296EKit Cam
KTB305EKit Cam
KTB314EKit Cam & Bal
KTB316EKit Cam
KTB326EKit Cam
KTB329EKit Cam & Bal
KTB333EKit Cam
KTB336EKit Cam
KTB339EKit Cam
KTB344EKit Cam
KTB347EKit Cam
KTB349EKit Cam (NLA)
KTB353EKit Cam
KTB362EKit Cam (replaced by KTB899E)
KTB363EKit Cam
KTB380EKit Cam
KTB402EKit Cam
KTB417EKit Cam
KTB419EKit Cam (replaced by KTB716E)
KTB426EKit Cam
KTB441EKit Cam ATB2296
KTB449EKit Cam
KTB455EKit Cam
KTB460EKit Cam ( replaces KTB271E)
KTB461EKit Cam
KTB466EKit Cam
KTB470EKit Cam
KTB475EKit Cam