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Thermostats Passenger Cars

The thermostats role in engine management is vital. A thermostat that has failed in the open position will make your heater appear not to work for an extended period of time during winter. If it fails in the closed position it will surely cause your cars engine to overheat leading to costly repairs or ultimately “complete engine failure”. Dayco thermostats are designed to OEM specifications and come with a heat sensing wax filled copper power pill that detects the coolant temperature in the engine. The Dayco thermostats amazing heat sensing power pill controls coolant flow from the radiator when the engine is cold to reach optimum operating temperature quickly. It then allows coolant to circulate through the engine when operating temperature is reached to create the perfect temperature controlled engine environment.

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Part numberTemperatureFlange to baseFlange diameterHeightVent valve
DT102A82°C44mm78mm 51mm
DT103F92°C   29mm
DT106F92°C   30mm
DT117F92°C   23mm
DT121A82°C32mm52mm 28.6mm
DT123A82°C34.5mm54mm 33mm
DT124A82°C31mm54mm 28.6mm
DT125C71°C47mm54mm 37mm
DT125J86°C47mm54mm 37mm
DT126M80°C45mm52mm 33mm
DT128A82°C43mm60.5mm 30mm
DT129A82°C   30mm
DT130G89°C   23mm
DT135J86°C50mm56mm 40mm
DT137A82°C42.3mm  30mm
DT139H85°C40mm63.5mm 27.7mm
DT13C71°C35mm54mm 29mm
DT140A82°C40.8mm51.5mm 28mm
DT141A82°C48mm  23mm
DT143A82°C 42mm 30mm
DT144K78°C 50mm 28mm
DT145G89°C58mm  31mm
DT147A82°C0mm0mm 0mm
DT148L95°C0mm0mm 37mm
DT149Q105°C0mm0mm 43mm
DT150Q105°C37mm  25mm
DT151P97°C   43mm
DT152D87°C   43mm
DT153D87°C   30mm
DT155F92°C   29mm
DT156M80°C34mm54mm 29mm
DT157A82°C34mm54mm 29mm