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Dayco Nuline Idler/Tensioner Pulleys

Dayco Nuline Engine Pulleys

With the increasing use of serpentine drive belts on late model engines, more Idler and Tensioner Pulleys are being sold than ever before.

All engine Pulleys incorporate ball bearings that run at very high revolutions relative to engine speed. Increasing belt load and exposure to dirt or moisture accelerate bearing wear.

All ball bearings used are from OEM manufacturers and feature C3 rated high-speed races, high-temperature lubricant and heavy-duty silicone seals for maximum service life at high revolutions. The combination of these engineering features has made these Pulleys the number one choice for Australian vehicle repairers.

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Part numberTypeInside DiameterOutside DiameterWidth
EP001Flat Steel17mm82mm29.5mm
EP002Flat Steel17mm76.2mm29.5mm
EP0036PK Steel17mm88mm27.2mm
EP004Flat Steel17mm90.2mm29.5mm
EP00511A Single V15mm80mm16.27mm
EP00611A Single V20mm90mm17mm
EP007Flat Steel17mm90.2mm29.5mm
EP00811A Single V17mm82mm20.2mm
EP009Flat Steel18.9mm104.6mm39mm
EP0106PK Steel17mm76mm27.2mm
EP01213A Single V12mm71.3mm17mm
EP0134PK Steel12mm70mm19.2mm
EP014Flat Steel10.4mm90mm25.6mm
EP015Flat Steel12mm73mm22mm
EP0186PK Steel17mm106mm27.45mm
EP01911A Single V15mm89.5mm17.2mm
EP021Flat Steel40mm163.5mm45.5mm
EP024Flat Steel17mm76.2mm29.5mm
EP025Flat Steel17mm65mm23mm
EP0266PK Steel17mm70mm27.2mm
EP0277PK Steel17mm93mm29mm
EP0306PK Steel17mm76mm27.2mm
EP0336PK Steel17mm53mm29mm
EP037Flat Steel10.2mm90.2mm29.5mm
EP038Flat Steel17mm76.2mm29.5mm
EP04013A Single V17mm90mm17.3mm
EP041Flat Steel17mm82mm30mm
EP0446PK Steel17mm76mm27.2mm
EP0466PK Steel17mm62mm25mm
EP048Flat Steel17mm82mm29.5mm
EP051Flat Steel17mm90mm30mm
EP0526PK Steel17mm76mm27.2mm
EP0546PK Steel10.2mm76mm27.2mm
EP057Flat Steel10.2mm76mm29.5mm
EP058Flat Steel17mm76mm31mm
EP0596PK Steel17mm94.6mm24.8mm
EP060Flat Steel17mm100mm27.2mm
EP062Flat Steel17mm90.2mm29.5mm
EP063Flat Steel10.4mm90mm31mm
EP06413A Single V15mm95mm23.7mm
EP06513A Single V12mm82mm17.2mm
EP067Flat Steel15mm50mm21mm
EP068Flat Steel20mm80mm23mm
EP069Flat Steel12mm100mm20mm
EP0716PK Steel17mm112mm26mm
EP072Flat Steel17mm85mm28mm
EP073Flat Steel17mm85mm26mm
EP075Flat Steel17mm70mm26mm
EP076Flat Steel17mm76.2mm29.5mm
EP0774PK Steel12mm80mm22.5mm