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New Electric Water Pumps from Dayco.

Designed as a direct fit bolt on replacement, Dayco's OE-engineered line of Electric Water Pumps covers Electric, Hybrid and many Stop/Start applications. Dayco's ISO certified Electric Water Pumps do not require any modifications during installation and are designed to help maintain systems that improve fuel economy and increase engine response and engine -off cooling.  

Select applications also come with a more robust aluminum cover to help address premature failure that occurs with some OEM plastic pump covers. In addition, mounting bolts are included with most Dayco Electric Water pumps. 

  • Stainless steel components ensure resistance to corrosion and rust
  • Tapered motor brushes for quick break in
  • Self-lubricating, graphite composite bearings for superior durability
  • Easy Installation with no modifications required - Designed as a direct fit replacement
  • Maintains OE systems that improve fuel economy - Enhances cooling system efficiency and increases engine response
  • Designed to handle extremely corrosive, high temperature environments - Compatible with all engine coolants. 
Dayco Automotive Electric Water Pumps are warranted for a period of 2 years or 40,000 km

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Part numberDescription
DEP1001Automotive Water Pump Electric
DEP1002Automotive Water Pump Electric
DEP1003Automotive Water Pump Electric
DEP1004Automotive Water Pump Electric
DEP1007Automotive Water Pump Electric
DEP1010Automotive Water Pump Electric
DEP1016Automotive Water Pump Electric
DEP1021Automotive Water Pump Electric
DEP1025Automotive Water Pump Electric
DEP1031Automotive Water Pump Electric
DEP1036Automotive Water Pump Electric
DEP1038Automotive Water Pump Electric
DEP1055Automotive Water Pump Electric
DEP1056Automotive Water Pump Electric