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Timing Chain Kits

Dayco’s long tradition of toothed belt power transmission systems and its in-depth knowledge of functional requirements, as well as its know-how in terms of quality, testing and reliability, are also now successfully applied to chain kits.

In designing the new Dayco Timing Chain kits, a system logic was followed, to ensure that all of the elements required for replacement, that is; the chain, hydraulic tensioner, sprockets and guides are included with every kit. Additionally, Dayco has guaranteed that all elements of each Timing Chain Kit comply with the technical requirements of every single component. This provides maximum functionality, silence in operation and promotes longer transmission life.

Advantages of the new Dayco Timing Chain Kit range include:

• Synergic design of each entire kit (chain, guides, tensioner, gears and seals)
• High robustness and proven reliability on test benches and in-vehicle fleet testing
• High strength steel, precision machined tensioners to ensure reduced internal clearances for optimum control and management of the timing chain tension
• High strength plastic guides manufactured with glass fibres for additional strength.
• High strength moulding steel or sintered steel manufactured gears with specific heat treatments applied for the hardening of the toothed area surfaces.

Dayco Timing Chain Kits are warranted for 3years/100,000 km whichever occurs first.

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Part numberDescription
KTC1000Timing Chain Kit
KTC1006Timing Chain Kit
KTC1009Timing Chain Kit
KTC1010Timing Chain Kit
KTC1018Timing Chain Kit
KTC1020Timing Chain Kit
KTC1023Timing Chain Kit
KTC1030Timing Chain Kit
KTC1035Timing Chain Kit
KTC1039Timing Chain Kit
KTC1040Timing Chain Kit
KTC1041Timing Chain Kit
KTC1042Timing Chain Kit
KTC1043Timing Chain Kit
KTC1045Timing Chain Kit
KTC1046Timing Chain Kit
KTC1047Timing Chain Kit
KTC1048Timing Chain Kit
KTC1049Timing Chain Kit
KTC1050Timing Chain Kit
KTC1051Timing Chain Kit
KTC1053Timing Chain Guide Kit
KTC1054Timing Chain Kit
KTC1055Timing Chain Kit
KTC1059Timing Chain Kit
KTC1060Timing Chain Kit
KTC1061Timing Chain Kit
KTC1065Timing Chain Kit
KTC1066Timing Chain Kit
KTC1067Timing Chain Kit
KTC1068Timing Chain Kit
KTC1069Timing Chain Kit
KTC1070Timing Chain Kit
KTC1071Timing Chain Kit
KTC1074Timing Chain Kit
KTC1082Timing Chain Kit
KTC1083Timing Chain Guide Kit
KTC1084Timing Chain Kit
KTC1085Timing Chain Kit
KTC1088Timing Chain Kit
KTC1104Timing Chain Kit
KTC1105Timing Chain Kit
KTC1106Timing Chain Kit
KTC1107Timing Chain Kit
KTC1109Timing Chain Kit
KTC1110Timing Chain Kit
KTC1111Timing Chain Kit
KTC1112Timing Chain Kit
KTC1113Timing Chain Kit
KTC1114Timing Chain Kit