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Drive Belts Poly-V Belt

Dayco® developed the first Poly-V BELT® or Multirib belt for the Ford Mustang in the USA in 1979.

The multiple rib and flat design provides better belt to pulley contact for less slippage than conventional V Belts. Multiple ribs also eliminate the need for matching and allows for controlled slippage in overload situations, such as when an A/C compressor engages.

Today as in 1979 this belt sets the industry standard. The grooved design provides flexural stress relief for increased flexibility in both normal and backside bending. The grooves also render the belt less susceptible to environmental factors such as dust and splash induced slip. Dayco’s superior manufacturing technology uses rubber impregnated fabric backing that maximizes load carrying capability and minimizes noise often associated with competitors belts. The cord is saturated with a specially formulated treatment that ensures length and belt stability for the life of the belt.

DAYCO® Heavy Duty Belts

The Dayco serpentine belt is a diesel grade belt that features higher performance construction over conventional light duty belts in order to meet the high torque and power pulses exerted by today's demanding diesel engines. The specially treated cords within the belt resist stretching and ensure the length stability that is essential for drive systems on high output diesel and petrol engines.

The belt’s heavy duty construction provides additional integrity without sacrificing flexibility or belt-to-pulley compatibility. The Dayco serpentine belt is also engineered with high-grade EPDM compounds and is built to resist the heat and harsh under hood environments experienced in over-the-road and off-road conditions.

Part numbering system

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Part numberDescription
3PK0500Poly-V Belt
3PK0515Poly-V Belt
3PK0525Poly-V Belt
3PK0550Poly-V Belt
3PK0575Poly-V Belt
3PK0590Poly-V Belt
3PK0600Poly-V Belt
3PK0610Poly-V Belt
3PK0625Poly-V Belt
3PK0630Poly-V Belt
3PK0635Poly-V Belt
3PK0650Poly-V Belt
3PK0670Poly-V Belt
3PK0675Poly-V Belt
3PK0680Poly-V Belt
3PK0690Poly-V Belt
3PK0710Poly-V Belt
3PK0725Poly-V Belt
3PK0735Poly-V Belt
3PK0745Poly-V Belt
3PK0750Poly-V Belt
3PK0760Poly-V Belt
3PK0765Poly-V Belt
3PK0780Poly-V Belt
3PK0788Poly-V Belt
3PK0810Poly-V Belt
3PK0820Poly-V Belt
3PK0825Poly-V Belt
3PK0830Poly-V Belt
3PK0840Poly-V Belt
3PK0850Poly-V Belt
3PK0855Poly-V Belt
3PK0860Poly-V Belt
3PK0870Poly-V Belt
3PK0875Poly-V Belt
3PK0885Poly-V Belt
3PK0895Poly-V Belt
3PK0900Poly-V Belt
3PK0925Poly-V Belt
3PK0960Poly-V Belt
3PK0975Poly-V Belt
3PK0980Poly-V Belt
3PK0990Poly-V Belt
3PK1000Poly-V Belt
3PK1015Poly-V Belt
3PK1030Poly-V Belt
3PK1035Poly-V Belt
3PK1040Poly-V Belt
3PK1080Poly-V Belt
3PK1150Poly-V Belt