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Overrunning Alternator Pulleys

With the ever-increasing number of accessories and auxiliary systems that require extra electrical power in modern cars, Overrunning Alternator Pulleys (OAPS) are becoming increasingly popular on many late-model vehicles to deal with increased alternator loads and engine torsional fluctuations.

Dayco Australia offers the aftermarket the premium quality Nuline range of Overrunning Alternator Pulleys (OAPS). Dayco’s broad range consists of 114 part numbers covering 32 current vehicle manufacturers from Alfa Romeo to Volvo.

Auxiliary systems such as power seats, heated and cooled seats, GPS navigation systems, electric power steering systems, onboard entertainment systems and more all place increased strain on Alternators, front end accessory drives and drive belts unless managed effectively by quality Overrunning Alternator Pulleys (OAPS). Dayco OAPs allow the alternator to ‘freewheel’ when the belt speed drops and are engineered with one-way clutches that allows the rotational inertia of the alternator to “overrun” during any belt deceleration.

Dayco OAPs, which are designed for long service life, decrease drive belt vibration and reduce belt slippage during rapid acceleration or deceleration, resulting in reduced stress on the drive belt and other accessories as well as increased alternator and drive belt life. All Dayco OAP Pulleys are supplied with a new protective dust cap to maximise product life.

Note: Overrunning Alternator Pulleys require special tools for removal and fitment, Nuline have the necessary tools available. Download the Dayco OAP Catalogue range

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Part numberWidthIDODToolThreadConnection TypeType
OAP00135.9mm17mm59.7mmOAPTK003M1633 Tooth Spline6PK
OAP00240.2mm17mm52.1mmOAPTK003M1633 Tooth Spline6PK
OAP00338.3mm17mm49.1mmOAPTK003M1733 Tooth Spline7PK
OAP00436.5mm17mm55.6mmOAPTK003M1633 Tooth Spline6PK
OAP00540.6mm17mm57mmOAPTK003M1633 Tooth Spline5PK
OAP00634.5mm17mm64.5mmOAPTK003M1717mm Hex7PK
OAP00740.4mm17mm50mmOAPTK003M1633 Tooth Spline6PK
OAP00841.5mm15mm58.1mmOAPTK003M1417mm Hex7PK
OAP00940.5mm17mm55mmOAPTK003M1417mm Hex6PK
OAP01050.2mm17mm55mmOAPTK003M1417mm Hex7PK
OAP01145.4mm17mm56mmOAPTK003M1733 Tooth Spline6PK
OAP01240mm17mm50mmOAPTK003M1733 Tooth Spline6PK
OAP01341.3mm17mm52.5mmOAPTK003M1417mm Hex7PK
OAP01440.5mm17mm58.4mmOAPTK003M1633 Tooth Spline7PK
OAP01539.3mm17mm64.8mmOAPTK003M1733 Tooth Spline7PK
OAP01634.7mm17mm53.6mmOAPTK003M1633 Tooth Spline5PK
OAP01738mm17mm55mmOAPTK003M1633 Tooth Spline6PK
OAP01842.4mm17mm55.8mmOAPTK003M1633 Tooth Spline6PK
OAP01947mm17mm57.6mmOAPTK003M1717mm Hex6PK
OAP02038mm17mm60mmOAPTK003M1633 Tooth Spline6PK
OAP02137.2mm17mm54.4mmOAPTK003M1633 Tooth Spline6PK
OAP02241.15mm17mm55.8mmOAPTK003M1633 Tooth Spline6PK
OAP02340.2mm17mm49.5mmOAPTK003M1633 Tooth Spline6PK
OAP02548.2mm17mm52mmOAPTK003M1733 Tooth Spline6PK
OAP02645.4mm17mm56mmOAPTK003M1733 Tooth Spline6PK
OAP02745.6mm17mm57.5mmOAPTK003M1417mm Hex6PK
OAP02834.8mm17mm49.9mmOAPTK003M1633 Tooth Spline6PK
OAP02934.6mm17mm59.7mmOAPTK003M1633 Tooth Spline5PK
OAP03042.8mm17mm56.8mmOAPTK003M1633 Tooth Spline5PK
OAP03138.25mm17mm49mmOAPTK003M1633 Tooth Spline6PK
OAP03238mm17mm56mmOAPTK003M16 LH33 Tooth Spline6PK
OAP03336.85mm17mm54.3mmOAPTK003M1633 Tooth Spline6PK
OAP03438.3mm17mm54.3mmOAPTK003M1633 Tooth Spline6PK
OAP03534.7mm17mm53.6mmOAPTK003M1633 Tooth Spline6PK
OAP03740.9mm17mm54mmOAPTK003M1633 Tooth Spline5PK
OAP03833.2mm17mm54.3mmOAPTK003M1633 Tooth Spline6PK
OAP03944.8mm17mm55.7mmOAPTK003M1633 Tooth Spline7PK
OAP04035.8mm17mm50mmOAPTK003M1633 Tooth Spline6PK
OAP04238.5mm17mm48.7mmOAPTK003M1633 Tooth Spline6PK
OAP04441mm17mm68.8mmOAPTK003M1633 Tooth Spline7PK
OAP04539mm17mm59.5mmOAPTK003M1733 Tooth Spline8PK
OAP04638.1mm17mm48.8mmOAPTK003M1633 Tooth Spline5PK
OAP04739.7mm17mm60mmOAPTK003M1633 Tooth Spline6PK
OAP04833.9mm17mm49.2mmOAPTK003M1633 Tooth Spline6PK
OAP04933.7mm17mm49mmOAPTK003M1633 Tooth Spline6PK
OAP05245.75mm17mm50mmOAPTK003M1633 Tooth Spline6PK
OAP05540.5mm17mm56.9mmOAPTK003M1417mm Hex6PK
OAP05634.9mm17mm55.9mmOAPTK003M1633 Tooth Spline7PK
OAP05841.5mm17mm58mmOAPTK003M1417mm Hex7PK
OAP05940.75mm17mm48.6mmOAPTK003M1633 Tooth Spline7PK