Dayco Expands Global Footprint in Tensioner, Pulley Manufacturing

February 2013 - Dayco is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Nytron Group, a Brazilian-based leading manufacturer of drive belt and timing tensioners, pulleys and hydraulic actuators for the automotive aftermarket. Nytron is the largest manufacturer of tensioners and pulleys in South America.

With the completion of this acquisition, Dayco becomes the market leader in tensioners and pulleys with the largest market share in South America. The acquisition will also allow Dayco to significantly strengthen its position in both the South American and the Australia Pacific region automotive belt market.

"Expanding our global footprint ensures our leadership position is maintained in the tensioner and pulley markets,” said Ed Rammel, president of the North American and Australian Aftermarket divisions of Dayco. "This acquisition is another step forward in the continued evolution of our global strategic plan,” He added.

Nytron will also provide Dayco Australia with access to additional parts, improving Dayco's product offering and coverage. Vertically-integrated manufacturing ensures that Dayco will continue to be first to market for drive belt and timing components.

Nytron operates two production plants, one of which is primarily dedicated to aluminium die casting operations. The aluminium die casting operation will offer synergies and opportunities for Dayco's worldwide Original Equipment, heavy duty and aftermarket divisions.

According to Dayco Australia Managing Director Arnold Mouw, “This acquisition further strengthens Dayco ‘s leadership in tensioner and pulley manufacturing, ensuring that we can supply our Australian customers with new applications faster and further extending our already unparalleled aftermarket range. Dayco is currently experiencing major growth across all of our global markets and the Australia Pacific region is a key part of this.”