October, 2009 Dayco Australia’s commitment to providing total quality aftermarket automotive solutions to Australian and New Zealand automotive repairers continues with the addition of premium quality NAK oil seals and a specially formulated oil seal lubricant with all Dayco Timing Belt Kits.

The new Dayco timing belt kits that include NAK oil seals and oil seal lubricant are being progressively rolled out to the aftermarket as existing quality Dayco timing belt kit stocks are depleted.

The quality of replacement oil seals and the correct lubricant required is critical to ensuring a reliable timing belt kit replacement. In seeking the best quality oil seals for Dayco’s premium quality timing belt kits, the selection of NAK sealing products represented the leading choice.

Globally renowned NAK engine rotary seals use premium quality rubber sealing elements and high performance materials in their manufacture, making them suitable for high speed and high temperature applications. NAK Sealing Products are Original Equipment suppliers of choice to several major general automotive and industrial vehicle manufacturers, including Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Nissan, Peugeot, Citroen, Kia and many more.

Only premium materials are used in the manufacture of Nak Sealing Products. Where a vehicle’s original equipment specification calls for Du Pont Viton Fluroelastomer seals, that is exactly what the customer receives within their Dayco timing belt kit for that specific application, along with the compatible synthetic based oil seal lubricant. The same applies for applications that call for Nitrile, Poly, Silicone, High Density Nitrile, Natural Rubber and Felt seals as original equipment.

There are a number of manufacturers throughout Asia that are producing oil seals in different colors to create a perception that they are able to withstand higher temperatures and different synthetic oils. It is important to note that this is not the case. It is the belief of all at Dayco Australia that the market has a right to know exactly what they are receiving, hence the reason that Dayco has initiated the following colour coded system:

• NAK Black = NBR (Nitrile)
• NAK Blue =ACM  (Polyacrylate)
• NAK Orange = VMQ (Silicone)
• NAK Brown = FKM (Viton)

This system gives the fitter or end user complete clarity on what they are buying and fitting and is being phased into the Dayco timing belt kit program.

NAK has also gained significant local vehicle experience with their products being used in Australia for over 25 years, ensuring that local aftermarket applications are more well represented in the updated Dayco timing belt kit range. The Dayco specific oil seal lubricant has been designed to the ideal viscosity that allows even application and spread during assembly, while also protecting the oil seal during operation. Pre-assembly lube is the most important single product used when fitting an oil seal. Without the right lubrication, damage to the oil seal and other parts can possibly occur within the first seconds of start up.

Quality aftermarket products are never about compromise. The addition of NAK oil seals with a specially formulated oil seal lubricant to all Dayco timing belt kits further enhances Dayco’s reputation as a world leader in the automotive aftermarket. No other aftermarket timing kit supplier offers a specifically developed oil seal lubricant within the one complete aftermarket timing belt kit.

According to Simon Tesoriero, General Manager of NAK Australia Pty Ltd. “Combining our premium quality sealing products with the premium quality Dayco range of aftermarket timing belt kits makes perfect sense. The addition of the lubricant to best ensure the correct fitment of the NAK oil seals within each kit is also a well thought initiative. NAK sealing products are an integral and reliable component to the updated Dayco aftermarket timing belt kit range.”

The new Dayco timing belt kits featuring NAK premium quality oil seals and specially designed oil seal lubricant are being progressively rolled out to the market as existing stocks are depleted.