Dayco Releases Timing Belt Replacement Kits with Water Pumps

April, 2010 - Dayco Australia has released a new range of premium quality aftermarket timing belts kits complete with water pumps.

There is no doubt that timing belt replacement intervals are also a very wise time to replace an engine's water pump. Just as the timing belt develops wear, along with the bearings, tensioners and pulleys that make up the timing belt system, so does the water pump. It is also the least labour intensive time to replace an engine's water pump.
Repairers can now replace all of the essential and ancillary parts that make up the timing belt operation of an engine using the one convenient Dayco kit. All components provided have been designed to meet or exceed original equipment manufacturers' specifications.
Dayco has initially released 15 part numbers of these new timing belt and water pump kits, which will increase to 38 part numbers covering popular local makes and models in due course. The initial range includes applications for Subaru, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Daewoo, Holden and Ford models with more part numbers on the way. Applications which include hydraulic tensioners also have these included, while all Dayco timing belt and water pump kits contain all gaskets required for optimal fitment. There is nothing more for the repairer to waste time and expense in ordering or locating.
The water pumps included in these new Dayco kits are supplied by leading Original Equipment manufacturers, GMB of Japan and Saleri of Italy. This is in line with the quality components that can be found in all Dayco timing belt replacement kits. These include NAK Oil Seals and specially formulated oil seal lubricant, Koyo bearings, NSK bearings, INA bearings, GMB bearings and NTN bearings.
The packaging of these new Dayco timing belt and water pump kits separates all of the fragile components from the hard parts. All required components are conveniently available in the one box.
According to David McClurg, Dayco Sales and Marketing Director, "We constantly hear about timing belt replacements being carried out, only for upset customers to return shortly after to replace a failed water pump which has left them stranded. The vehicle manufacturer recommended intervals for timing belt replacement are also the best time to replace water pumps, as these components are subject to significant wear over time. To replace a water pump when replacing a timing belt kit is also minimal in terms of labour time, while providing their customers with the most reliable engine maintenance."
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