DAYCO Brings Scooter Belts to the Aftermarket in Time for Summer

December, 2008 - As the Australian summer sets in, the increase in motorists using motorised scooters on our roads is significant.  Aside from the warmer weather, scooters are also the fastest growing mode of transport on many of our major city roads for a number of reasons.

The soaring cost of fuel is one of the main factors driving this significant transportation sector growth, while scooters are also a much more environmentally friendly alternative to owning a car, particularly for inner city dwellers.

Modern low to high powered scooters, whether subjected to day to day stop and go traffic conditions, or if only used during the summer months, require frequent maintenance to ensure safe, reliable and economical operation.

As the leading global Original Equipment supplier of scooter belts for all European and Asian makes and models, Dayco now offers the Australian Aftermarket the company’s full range of premium quality replacement scooter belts, known as Dayco Power Plus.
The Dayco Power Plus Aftermarket scooter belt range initially consists of 25 part numbers, which can be easily cross referenced from OE part numbers to locate the premium quality replacement belt for most scooters used on Australian roads.
The Dayco range of Power Plus scooter belts feature aramid fibre inserts to ensure high thermostability and reduced elongation, particularly under engine starting conditions.

Dayco Power Plus scooter belts are twice as resistant to wear compared to Polyester made products. The indentation at the rear of each Dayco Power Plus scooter belt provides maximum flexibility, a larger mating surface and improved cooling during operation.

The same technological advances in engine and drive belt design and manufacturing that has made Dayco the world leader in both Original Equipment supply and in the Aftermarket, have been applied to Dayco’s new aftermarket Power Plus scooter belt range.
You can access the entire Dayco Power Plus scooter belt range showing all belt measurements and dimensions here. OEM to Dayco part number is also available in our cross reference section.